maandag 31 december 2007

My December

Sorry I haven't blogged in 15 days... I've been to Romefort with Martijn and my mom. I planned to blog from there, but I couldn't find the time :-)

So what happened? First we spent 3 days in Romefort with Caroline, Kor, the kids and a friend of theirs: Derk-Jan. Worked hard, trying to finish the gite we are going to move into in January. The tiles turned out very pretty! It's a brownish colour ('noisette') and very classy. The floor is now completely tiled and also the bathroom walls.

On Saturday Derk-Jan left by train to go back to the Netherlands. On Sunday Caroline, Kor & kids left to spend X-Mas & New Years in the Netherlands. They took their cats Wolfje & Beertje with them and even their bird!

On Monday we drove (3 hours) to Martijn's parents in the Cantal to spend X-Mas with them, Martijn's sister Saskia, 4 of her friends and 3 friends of his parents: 13 people in total. It was a very nice group, we had a great time. We played games (poker (I won € 12 LOL) & learned the first principles of bridge!), hiked through the beautiful surroundings (cold but nice sunny weather) and had amazing meals.

After 3 days we travelled back to Romefort again for another 3 days of work. We finished the tiling and painting and met with a new Maitre d'Oeuvre to make us an offer on my mother's house.

Friday was my birthday! It was really different to spend it away from 'home' (where is the home now?) and with only Martijn & my mom. But we had a great time! In the morning I opened all the presents Caroline left for me and Diana gave to my mother to take with her. So sweet! I got lots of nice things and Martijn gave me items for when I start to learn riding a horse! Yes, I can't wait!!! We finished work early, went to Limoges, walked through the city and found the one and only tanning salon in the city.... I had asked for a tanning package, but this is the only place we could find and oh my.... Freaking old beds and only walk-in sessions... I think I might try it one day, but it didn't appeal to me haha. We then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Very nice.

Yesterday we came back and although I'm pretty tired, there is a whole program for today! I'll tell you about it later :-) Have fun everybody!!!

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