woensdag 12 december 2007

13 Days Till X-Mas

13 Days till X-mas and I don't have the X-mas feeling AT ALL. I wonder, do I ever have that feeling??? Maybe not and does it even matter? Decorations at home are useless anyway, because the cats would ruin them. I'm so glad our staff took it upon themselves to decorate the Sports Center. It looks really good!

So what's the X-mas spirit then? Giving gifts? Meh. I do like to compose the gifts for the staff, almost everything is ready. Usually I collect it during the year. This year I started a little late, but I think they will turn out well.

This year will be the first in 12 years that we are not working between X-mas and New Year. We're going to France!

December 24 - 26 we'll spend in Prat Niau together with my mother, Martijn's parents, sister and a lot of friends. They will have no guests and it will be 'entre nous'. I'm looking forward to it!

Between X-mas and New Year we'll be in Romefort, with just the 3 of us (Caroline, Kor & kids will be in the Netherlands), even on my birthday. We'll have time to get the gite ready where we'll be living after New Years ~ Yayyyy :-)

So... 13 days till X-mas. Well it's just another day.

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