dinsdag 1 januari 2008

My Surreal New Years Eve


Wow this New Years Eve was surreal!

It started out great. We went to Ina & Harm-Heiko, where Margriet & René also already were. We had so much fun! They had found an old movie from 1994 when we went skiing with 9 friends. We laughed so hard, tears ran over my face. A very nice trip down memory lane.

We then went to Menno to celebrate the beginning of 2008. On the road it was already extremely foggy, but on the highway it was doable. We arrived a few minutes before midnight, wished everyone Happy New Year and then went together to a New Years Party (Sjonnie, Menno, Doorke, Zwik, Chris, Ida). This party was supposedly sold out... but... there was NOONE...! And it was freaking cold, so cold, we were freezing. We drank and danced to get warm, music was actually pretty good, but there were maybe 40 people in the whole building!

We left around 3 am but when we got outside the fog had gotten worse and it was surreal: it was so foggy, you could not see 1 meter before you! It was so weird, people appearing in the nebula, it was like a war zone with all the bonfires and people screaming outside. It was anarchy, I've never seen anything like it.

I was the designated driver, but when we got to the car, it was still so foggy, so scary. I tried to drive, but you really could see nothing! You couldn't see the stripes on the road, unbelievable. After a few km's with our heads outside the window to see where the freaking road was, we parked it and waited for almost 3 hours. Got home at 7 am, sooooo tired.

Obviously not the best New Years Eve ever LOL

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Roos zei

Hai Smittie.
Ik las je verhaal van de mist en mijn zusje had precies hetzelfde meegemaakt. Die moesten van Wagenborgen naar de stad. Ze zijn uiteindelijk om 03.30 beland in een hotel vlak voor Groningen omdat het echt niet meer wou. Hebben daar met meer mensen ook wel tot 06.00 gewacht tot ze verder konden.
Ben blij dat ik niet doorhad dat het zo erg was en jullie allemaal bij de weg waren, wat eng en gevaarlijk zeg.
Leuk je BLOEMEN-thema's.
I keep my eyes open for you.
x Rozerijks