zaterdag 15 december 2007

My Sunny Conviction

I'm convinced Sunlight is essential to a healthy life. I'm a moderator at a forum about the positive effects of UV light and more and more research shows the importance of getting some Sun!

I'd like to share something:

Benefits of Indoor Tanning by Katie Bryan

Indoor tanning can reduce risk for bone diseases, types of cancer, and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, according to the president of the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center.

William Grant, president of SUNARC, said tanning in a controlled environment such a tanning bed increases vitamin D in the body. "Indoor tanning lamps are a good source of vitamin D," Grant said. "UVA entails the risk of skin cancer and melanoma, but indoor tanning has not been convincingly linked to increased risk of melanoma." Grant also said one of the most important benefits of vitamin D is the reduced risk of cancer. According to a study done by Grant, 85,500 cancer-related deaths from males could have been prevented if those men increased their vitamin D intake.

Besides increasing vitamin D, tanning the skin gradually is the golden rule of tanning, according to Jim Shepherd, president of the UV Foundation. "Burning is a definite no-no, so people should rely on reputable tanning salons and trained professionals for all tanning needs," Shepherd said. Shepherd also said Americans are fearful of tanning because the dermatology industry targets tanning salons as a prime source of skin cancer. He said the business scares customers from using tanning booths and is doing patients a disservice by not informing them about the positive effects of tanning. "Dermatologists have made people afraid of their shadow," Shepherd said.

Although dermatologists are adamant in saying no to tanning salons, they are "begrudgingly accepting that vitamin D is beneficial, but they realize that admitting that to the public would dilute their message," Grant said. Also, American dermatologists have not done enough research on UVA versus UVB light. He said tanning beds use primarily UVB light, and UVA light from the sun is the most harmful and most likely to cause melanoma, according to Grant "Use of sunscreen that does not block UVA, and travel to sunny vacation spots is behind the rise of melanoma throughout the world," Grant said.

Grant said the outdoor environment is not a controlled one, so tanning indoors is the best way to regulate the amount of UVB exposure one receives. Shepherd said skin cancer is usually hereditary and is influenced by lifestyle, diet, smoking and other factors such as natural skin and eye color. Shepherd also warned that people with lighter skin should use tanning beds with caution. He said small doses are the key and following recommended guidelines will prevent individuals from burning.

According to a study done by researchers at the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, the greatest risk factor for skin cancer, particularly melanoma, is an inability to tan. The study found people with darker pigmentation and who tan without burning are less likely to develop skin cancer. "As human populations have scattered throughout the globe, increasing numbers of fair-skinned people have come to live in sunny climates, and melanoma and other skin cancer rates have shot up," according to the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute`s Web site.

The International Smart Tan Network, a training company for tanning salons, says vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic in American adults today. The network`s Web site indicates 90 percent of vitamin D production comes from UVB rays. "Dietary `supplements` are just that: Supplemental ways to produce vitamin D," according to the network`s Web site. Grant advises 2,000 international units of vitamin D per day. He said a four to five minute tanning sessions generate over 10,000 international units. Grant said vitamin D is important at all stages of life and the public needs to take measures to replenish the vitamin in the body. "Indoor tanning once about every five days will suffice," Grant said.

I am SO glad that we have sunbeds in our center (thanks Dad! ~ he saw this a long time ago!). I can get my Vitamine D whenever I need to. It's a luxury but also crucial. I do hope people will get less scared of tanning and see the positives AS LONG as they do it in moderation.

Some people maybe be afraid of aging quicker when they tan, but let's be honest, what's more important: being healthy with some 'normal' wrinkles or being unhealthy with less wrinkles. I'll choose the former any day!!!

Tanning will dry out your skin a bit and this will cause some fine lines, but the major wrinkling is mostly caused by laying out in the sun hours on end. When you use a tanning bed and you use good moisturizing lotion BEFORE AND AFTER you'll hardly get any more wrinkles than when you wouldn't tan. Moreover your skin gets more healthy, because it will moisturize itself more and the sun clears up blemishes.

Anyone who is interested in the positive effects of the Sun, check out and inform yourself!

x Marca

p.s. just got in a lotion line that I imported from the US. It has THE best nurturing and hydrating properties, even a DNA repairing enzym. My skin never felt so soft, I love it LOL

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