maandag 7 september 2009

Beading Challenge Forum Beads4Real

I also entered a Beading Challenge at 'Beads 4 Real' and I won!!!

It's a design of Carol Wilcox Wells 'The Caged Bead"

Beading Challenge Forum Rocailles Enzo

I entered my first beading contest at "Rocailles Enzo". The theme was: summer.

I entered this piece in pink: tubular herringbone chain with spiral rope embellished with a picot of icy drops in the middle.

I got 4th place!

Try Triangles in RAW

My first experiment in Right Angle Weave.

It's a pattern from Bead & Button and my compliments to the one who made it, because it's perfect, it all 'fits' so well together.

I've used Toho silver-lined crystal seed beads & silver Czech Fire-Polished glass.

Black & Red for Work

My dear friend Marijke asked for 2 Spiral Rope bracelets in black & red to match the colours of her work clothes.

This is the result:

I couldn't resist to add some matching earrings. Two peyote tubes with a crystal drop:

donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Crystal Bangle Necklace

Also for ME! In several shades of silver.

I love this pattern of the 'crystal bangle' from Bead Infinitum:

zondag 9 augustus 2009

Anemone for Me!

Finally something for ME!

I went all out: 310 Swarovski bicones in 8 different silver colours (crystal silver, crystal metallic silver, crystal comet argent light, white opal star shine, crystal satin, crystal vitrail, crystal comet argent light 2 x, crystal metallic silver 2 x) and 650 galvanized silver Toho rocailles.

It's BLING, but I absolutely love it!

woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Two by Two for Marijke & Alison

Quite flashy...:

Purple for Marijke (with more than 250 Swarovski bicones!):

Blue for Alison:

Marijke wanted a less flashy (:-)) for during the day in bright pink LOL:

Anemone with Jade for Margriet

All my girlfriends will have to get used to the fact that from now on they'll get beaded jewelry for every birthday LOL

This one is for Margriet:

Techniques Combined

The seed beads fascinate me and as I'm starting to learn more techniques (Spiral Rope, Anemone, Two by Two, Herringbone, Peyote), it's a challenge to combine them!

Spiral Rope with Two by Two

Tubular Herringbone with embellished Spiral Rope

Spiral Rope embellished in the middle

Tubular Herringbone with Anemone technique

I've found a perfect forum to learn more techniques, communicate with fellow beaders and get inspired:

Strung Necklaces

I Got Addicted To.... The Spiral Rope