maandag 7 januari 2008

Poor Milky

Also our cats have got to get ready for the move. They need all their shots, an extra rabies shot, a chip and an 'European Passport' (I'm not kidding!).

Milky has had a strange bump on her back that gets filled with fluid. We've had it sucked empty a few times now, and it's not harmful, but it comes back every time.

We discussed it with the vet, and he proposed to cut the bump out. Friday she was operated, but we did not expect it to be such a big scar! She came home still totally groggy from the anaesthetic. She had to wear a collar for 10 days, but she was so pitiful, we took it off after a day. Really sad, the first day she crawled underneath the couch (I don't know how with the collar, but she did) and did not come out all day. She did not eat or drink. So we took it off and because she can't reach the scar, I think she will be all right.

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